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Good afternoon. I live in Edmonton AB and own a Kitchenaid

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Good afternoon. I live in Edmonton AB and own a Kitchenaid Compactor by Hobart. It has broken down and none of our local appliance agents work on comactors any longer. I need to know HOW to remove the compactor - it was built into the area under the counter beside our dishwasher. I can only pull out the compactor bin part way and cannot find the release on the glides to pull the bin totally out of the compactor. do you have any of the old repair books for these compactors? The KitchenAid folks in Edmonton suggested that I try you. my phone number is XXXXX and my e-mail address [email protected] With sincere thansk for any help you canprovide. Gerry Glassford

If you did not include a model # XXXXX your question please do on you second reply if possible,this helps us serve you faster.


can you get a model # XXXXX ? also have you try pulling the drawer out as far as it goes then lifting the front of the drawer up and off the runners, ?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry - been off doing things with grandchildren. Re model number. As nearly as I can read it (very hard to see it) Model Number KCS 100CC. Serial Number XXXXXXXXX Kitcchen Aid Compactor by Hobart. Re your suggestions; Yes I have been TRYING to pull out the basket but can only get it out about 2/3 of the way. It is jamming up somehere. I have also tried repeatedly (before you suggested this) to lift the front of the basket (holding the basket below the door and lifting upwards) in an effort to free it. No luck. I think that there must be a release on the tracks which, when triggered, allows one to pull out the basket (most tracks of this type one fastens to draws has such a release). I cannot find the release however. Nor can I find out HOW the whole of the compactor is fastened into the cabinet frame. If I cold determine that perhaps I could then remove the screws and pull the whole unit out. Truth is we don't need to use the compastor mechanism that is not working well. We would just like to be able to use the pull out basket to hold the waste - it is conveniently placed for this purpose. BUT we cannot pull the basket drawer fullly out.
well I'll keep looking at this , is may take some time though, I found these diagrams but they are sketchy at best and theres no parts list, give me some time and I'll see what else I can find, .most compactors are not bolted to the cabinet they are just really heavy and hard to slide out form cabinet, and sometimes stick the floor fry a pry bar to lift the front a little and slide it out , these can be real tight and hard to move, but most just slide out, I think you issue with the machine drawer not opening is the ram is down slightly and catching the drawer,

try taking the bottom kick plate off under the foot pedal and lowering the front feet, this is what holds the machince in place, heres a link to more diagrams and part # XXXXX but most parts are no longer available, hope this helps, thanks Bryan

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Good morning, Bryan. I have just got up and will try your proposed solution as soon as I can and will get back to you on my progress. P;lease be assured that I will release the funds as soon as I get the compactor out. Once out, I can work on it and try to resolve the fundamental problem. Will go now to the pcappliancerepair web page you have suggested. Gerry
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi again, Bryan. Just getting through my e-mail and came upon this note again. I will get at the suggestion you have made and try to get the compactor out as soon as possible. Gerry
this is a though one, I did however find the contact # XXXXX kitchen aid Canada,

call the Kitchen aid Canada Consumer

Assistance Centre toll free, 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. (EST), at



have you tried them yet?


oak just got your reply, let me know how you make out, I will wait for your next reply, thanks Bryan

Bryan and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Wow. I have tried your suggestions, Bryan, and was able to pull the unit out about 12 inches. It refuses to come out any further - I pry, I rock it from side to side, I pull and it does not come out. Now I cannot get it to go back into the space it once occupied either. Something is jamming it. Unfortunately the unit sits inside of a "box" case and I cannot get at the underside. On the top the counter is made of Corion and I don't want to damage it. The basket (that holds the garbage) still refuses to come out more than about half way. I keep thinking that if I could get the basket out that I might be able to get down to the base and perhaps find out where the unit is jamming but those runners stymie me. By the way, regarding the diagrams you found - when I click on your www address up pops a message that says, ". . . can't find the pages you are looking for. Double check the urf . . ." No joy there. Any further suggestions, Bryan? Gerry
BAck to try once more. Will come back to check your page shortly. Gerry
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Here I am again. After hours of repeated efforts I have given up pulling out the Compactor. Somewhere the unit is catching on a point of resistance and once that point is reached the unit stops and stays. I have raised all four threaded feet on the base to their maximum and this has allowed me to pull out the unit far enough to work on the runners. I cannot find the release trigger that wil allow me to pull out the basket but I can get at them enough to improve the glide action by using WD40 and powdered graphite. This helps. So I think I will call it quits and leave the darned thing for the next owner of this home. I will tell him/her of the problem and what I have tried to do to remove the unit. In the meantime I shall release the monies I promised for your help, Bryan. I presume if I check on "Accept Answer" that your payment will be released to you. Your suggestions that I lower the unit by ratcheting up the lets and prying up the unit was the key - I did have to insert thin pieces of tin to get the llegs up over the lino of the kitchen floor and I used thin strips of masonite to protect the lino as I pulled and wrenched on the compactor. Finally got the compactor back BASICALLY into place. It will have to do. With thanks for your efforts on our behalf. Gerry