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My Samsung refrigerator has been giving me trouble since I

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My Samsung refrigerator has been giving me trouble since I bought it in October 2007. The door would never close properly with the warning signal coming on frequently. Two days ago it "died" on me and I lost all the food in my freezer. I was ready to buy another refrigerator (not a Samsung) when it started working again. I realize I don't know how to work the "super freeze" and "freeze" buttons as well as the "super cool" and "fridge" buttons. Right now they register at -10 and 34 degrees. However, the inside of the fridge isn't that cold right now and the ice maker only has the bottom of the container full. Any advice?


Is the compressor at the back of the unit running? Vibrating? You may have to remove the lower back panel to see the compressor. The round black steel ball.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I did remove the lower back panel and the fan is turning but it doesn't seem like the round black steel ball is it supposed to be vibrating????

That could be your problem. Do you have a meter to verify the presence of voltage on the compressor?

Is it hot to touch? Warm? Be careful, it could be too hot to handle.


Edited by Francis on 6/1/2010 at 3:35 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It's not hot at all! What kind of a meter do I need to verify the presence of voltage and where can I get it? Do you have a schematic I can look at?...I think it's called a SAMS. It obviously has something to do with the temperature control....what component (or whatever) regulates the temperature? I need to get this taken care as soon as possible. Thanks for your assistance....much appreciated!

It is called a multi meter. You can get it at home depot or any other hardware store .

You should have a schematic at the back wall of the unit.

The parts that regulates the temperature would be the main board and it is dependent on the signal being sent by the temperature sensors.

You have that inside the fridge section back wall too and one in the evaporator coil.
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