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I have the Creda washing machine which I purchased and then

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I have the Creda washing machine which I purchased and then it sat for several months. When I tried to use it, it went through the cycles fine until it got to the spin and drain. It clicked several times, but refused to drain. I used gravity to drain the tub and get the door open to get to my clothes. After reading about potential solutions, I took the rear panel off and took apart the parts going from the tub to the pump. There was all kinds of crap in it, including a guitar pick.   I cleaned it all and put it back together, thinking that I had solved the problem. I then ran another load. This time when it got to the drain part of the cycle, it just clicked and then a fried wire smell came from the machine. Did I burn out my pump?
You may well have fried the pump,only way to know for sure is do a voltage check at the pump.If you have 120 volt at the pump but no drain the pump is bad.If there is no 120 volts then either the wiring is bad or the control is bad.Check for voltage and if no 120 volts at pump I will need a model number please.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.




Ok, I will do the voltage check. The unit is a Creda Supaspeed 1000. It is very cute and quiet and I would love to get her going. She is in a rental unit two hours away. So, I can't get to her right now.


Let's say the voltage check shows it is not a fried pump. Is a wiring issue or a control issue within my capability? I can wire a house, but the electronics look like greek. Is it reasonable to think I can figure it out with your help?


If it is the pump, where can I get a new one?



Betsy Cutter

If it is a wiring issue,it will be basically checking the wire for continuity and checking the control for output to the pump.When an impeller type pump which Creda generally uses gets debris stuck in it the impeller it will ruin the drain pump.I would strongly suspect the pump is bad assuming the line in and out are clear and voltage is present.
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