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How to replace front door seal on Samsung washer?

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How do you replace the front door seal on a Samsung washer wf328aag?

Open the door...Peel back the seal...Look for a spring retainer (normally at the bottom of the door...Remove the retainer...Push the Seal/Boot into the door...There will be a metal strap similar to a hose clamp...This secured the back of the door seal tom the front of the tub...Remove the clamp then remove door seal/Boot....Reinstall new Seal/Boot in reverse order...

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The seal is not on the door. It is on the machine. There is no "hose" type clamp.
That is correct...You are referring to the door boot...The part that is located between the drum and the door...Black rubber....Peel the front of the rubber back...You will see a round thin metal wire ...(it holds the front of the boot to the front of the machine...Once you remove the front of the boot by removing that wire ...You will push the boot inside the machine....At that time you will see the metal band...You cannot see the band until you remove the front part of the boot which is held to the front of the washer by the retaining wire...Which goes all the way around the boot...Its kind of hidden under the front lip of the boot...Peel it back and you will find it...
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Found it. I will order the seal before I remove the old one. That retainer is very tight. Is it easy to put back on?

Great job...Its a bit of a trick to get back on....There is a special tool which makes it easier to put back on...But if you take your time you can get it back on with a little persistence..

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