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Why could my Frigidaire temperature control not be working?

Customer Question

I have a freezer, Model Number:  GLFH21F8HWC Frigidaire, and the digital display on the front is displaying an OF. The freezer has stopped working. Any idea of what’s wrong?

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Neilwill replied 7 years ago.

Please double check the fault code OF.
There is no code like this.
Could you explain your situation a little more?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

“OF” is the display on the digital read out.

Expert:  Neilwill replied 7 years ago.

How old is your Frigidaire gallery Upright freezer?

There is something wrong with the display on your unit.
We all agree here that there is no OF code. So the display must be bad.
Nothing in any book with this code.
If I run across it I will tell you. But really something is wrong with that display making it look like or showing "OF", sorry. I’ll opt out and repost this question, and perhaps some other expert has seen this fluke happen before. If you find out why before me, I would appreciate if you let me know what happened to cause this.

I found it in the service manual. Read number xxx The Freezer is turned off.
Ill include the complete service manual for you too. Below the Deluxe Control Info -

1. Temperature settings from 10° above zero to 10° below zero in 1° increments.
2. The control setting may be locked, to prevent accidental or unauthorized changes, by pressing and holding the
alarm reset key until the control beeps. When the control is in lockout mode, if either the up or down arrows
are pushed “LOC” will appear in the display. To unlock the control press and hold the alarm reset key until the
control beeps and “UL” appears in the display
3. During normal operation the control displays the temperature inside the freezer in either Fahrenheit or
centigrade. To change the reading from Fahrenheit to centigrade or from centigrade to Fahrenheit, press and
hold the alarm reset button and the down arrow simultaneously until the control panel beeps.
4. To turn the freezer off set the control to 10° and push the up arrow. “OF” will appear in the display. With the
control set to off, the freezer light will still operate, but neither the compressor or the defrost cycle will.
5. There is a 13 minute compressor off time delay built into the control.
6. To turn the control on push the down arrow. 10° will appear in the display. If the freezer is to be operated at a
temperature below 10°, push the down arrow until the desired temperature is indicated on the control.
7. The control is designed to fail safe. If the control fails the compressor runs continuously with a 30 minute
defrost cycle every 12 hours.
8. When the extreme freeze button is pressed, “FF” will appear in the display and the compressor will operate
continuously for 72 hours or until the button is pushed again.
9. To check the thermistor set to control in the service mode, (refer to page 20) then press the temp alarm button.
If “0” appears in the display the thermistor is open. If “C” appears in the displays the thermistor is shorted. If
a “-” appears in the display the thermistor is good.
10. If the cabinet temperature rises to the level above 23°F. the high temperature alarm will activate. The control
panel will beep every five seconds, the red alarm light will glow and the display will flash. This will continue until
the temperature level drops below 23°F. To stop the beeping press the alarm reset button, to stop the display
from flashing press and hold the alarm reset button.
11. An automatic 30 minute defrost cycle will occur every 12 hours of compressor run time.
12. To manually defrost the freezer, press and hold the extreme freeze and the temperature alarm buttons
simultaneously for 10 seconds or more. A half second beep will sound and “df” will appear in the display for 3
seconds indicating the control has entered into the 30minute defrost cycle. At the end of the defrost cycle the
control will then restart its 12 hour compressor run time count for the next automatic defrost cycle.
13. If the door is left ajar for more than five minutes, the door alarms are activated. The control panel will beep every
five seconds, the red alarm light will glow and the display will alternate between “d” and the cabinet
temperature. Press the alarm reset button to turn off the audible alarm. The display will keep flashing and the
red light will stay on. Close the door of the freezer to return it to normal

Your freezers complete service manual at the link!