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I have a Sub Zero Model 550 and the ice maker quite working,

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I have a Sub Zero Model 550 and the ice maker quite working, i.e. it would not start making ice after we had been gone for 5 months. I bought and replaced the ice maker module, but it still just sits there. I pulled the water solenoid valve, applied power and it opened allowing air to be blown through and then immediately shut when power removed, so it appears to be OK. What else can I do short of calling in a service company for mega bucks?
does the light inside the freezer come on when you open the door? are you getting 120 volts to the ice maker? these are tied to the door light switch is it good?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes there is power to the door light. The other two switch seem to work also. When I manually hold them closed, the freezer fan start up, the light goes out, and before I replaced the ice maker module, when the other switch was depressed, the ice maker motor would try to turn over. It made one full revolution and did move after that and the new module has done nothing.
i believe the ice maker itself will need to be replaced, the thermostat in the ice maker mold or the heater itself is bad, this will burn out the module if its bad. sorry for the bad news, heres a link to the ice maker .Part 818945 thanks Bryan
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
As I stated in my original question, I already replaced the entire iced maker module, i.e. the full thing as shown in the above picture. I got it from the Repair Clinic, same place as your picture came from. Your answer doesn't help me at all.
sorry the ice maker module and the ice maker as a whole are two different things, so I thought you replaced just the module. this is the module, Part(NNN) NNN-NNNN width=I'll opt out, maybe someone else can help you, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
FYI, I think I got it working. I found a site that notes that most all ice makers are made by Whirlpool. I went looking for a service manual for Whirlpool icemakers and found one. In trouble shooting, you make a jumper wire and insert it into various holes to check operation. I removed the output water line from the valve, jumped the water valve (V) with the line voltage (L) holes on the control module and water started to flow. After hooking the water back up, the module proceeded through a cycle and filled up the water tray, lifted the ice level arm and lowered it back, completing a "cycle" I think. I turned the freezer back on, shut the door and hoping it will now make ice, and dump it. If not, then I'll cycle the empty mode. If that doesn't work. I think I got a bad ice maker, and may reinstall the old one.

thats good I hope it keeps going, you can also put the jumper in T&H to start the harvest cycle , sorry we miscommunicated, let me know if it stays running, thanks Bryan