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I have a Kenmore Galaxy Upright Freezer model # C675-28013-2L

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I have a Kenmore Galaxy Upright Freezer model # XXXXX (mfr. Whirlpool?), purchased Oct 2004. The defrost drain tube at the back center of the freezer seems to become blocked with ice, with the result that on defrost, the water overflows into the interior of the freezer and ice accumulates in the bottom of the freezer. This problem has only developed in the last year or so.
This may be related to the similar question answered by "Appliance Man" on 5/6/10, but I would like to obtain more info on the specific parts needed for the fix, and their availability in Canada.
the appliance man is off line, there is a heater in these(cal rod)it runs along the bottom of the evaporator coils. and the only way to attempt a fix unfortunately is to get a piece of copper wire stripped and wrap it around the cal rod heater and place it down the drain hole, the heat from the cal rod heater will sometimes keep these from freezing up. there not much else you can do to these unfortunately, its a bad design, hope this helps, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


1) Are these evaporator coils accessible from inside the freezer? Any help or reference to web info, illustrations, etc., would be appreciated. I presume I would need to empty and defrost the freezer to get access?

2) What gauge copper wire? Would 14 gauge normal house wiring (solid core, stripped) be OK? Or should it be lighter gauge?

3) "Appliance Man" mentioned a "defrost probe" as an available fix. I imagined this as a low wattage heater which could be inserted into the drain tube and connected so as to come on during the defrost cycle. Do you know anything about that? He imlpied it was a 'fix' offered by the manufacturer or someone else.

yes you need to empty the freezer and remove the back cover inside, and 14 gauge solid core copper will work fine, you want it to go about 2" into the hole, as far as the low wattage heater they used to make one but as far as I know they stopped because of problems, I used to use them but cant get them anymore, wrap the wire around the heater a few time if you can to transfer the heat, thanks Bryan
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