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I have a Kenmore HE 2 Front Loading Washer, model #11047532601 (purchased new Septemb

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I have a Kenmore HE 2 Front Loading Washer, model #11047532601 (purchased new September 2006).
Yesterday it stopped in the middle of a load and gave error code F28.
I powered off and re-ran, and got same error. I performed the starting service history mode &
diagnostic test (push button 4 seconds, release 4 seconds, push 4 seconds....
ok so F28 is a very very bad error code. Doing the diagnostics test will get you nowhere. The problem means that either your machine control board or the motor control board has gone bad and needs to be replaced. The bigger problem, is that there is no way to determine which one is at fault until you replace a part to see if it fixes the problem or if you need the other board. For this reason, it might be best to call a technician unless you have a place that will allow you to return the part you don't need, because you won't need both, you just need one of the two to fix the problem. If I were to guess, I'd say replace the main CCU or "central control board" first as this one tends to have solder joints break on it due to the shaking in the spin cycle.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
As I don't have a true service manual (just the little booklet), can you tell me where / how to find / remove the CCU and MCU?
certainly. Just pull the washer forward and remove the 3 screws along the back holding the top panel on. Once the screws are removed the top panel will pull straight back and up to remove. The main CCU is located in the front right corner and it looks like a plastic rectangle with lots of wires going into it. This is the part you need to order and replace.
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