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I just had a technician look at my washer and diagnose a problem

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I just had a technician look at my washer and diagnose a problem: He says that my problem is a broken pressure valve as a result of using LIQUID high efficiency detergent. He says the valve needs to be replaced, and that I should only use POWDER detergent in the future. I am skeptical of his advice. The error message I get when I start a load of laundry (with or without detergent) is F35, then SUD. Until last week, I have not had any problem with the machine in 3 years of using LIQUID detergent. I will admit that I have been using too much detergent. I am more inclined to believe that my OVERUSE of detergent is the problem, NOT the fact that I'm using LIQUID 2X as he stated. What say you?
can you get me the full model #?

Front-loading washer only

  • Behind the door
  • Behind or on top of the control panel
  • On the side of the unit near the front
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

WFW 9600TA01

Whirlpool Duet Steam Purchased about 3 years ago. No problems with it sine purchase until now. I am not using any new detergents.


i F35

If this failure is displayed, there is any malfunction of the steamer

component detected by the Steamer Electronic Board.

Possible Causes/Procedure

Check if pressure hose is fixed correctly.

Check if the airtrap is not blocked.

Check if the hose is not blocked.

your soap( LIQUID) probably isn't the cause but using to much of it is, hope this info is helpful. thanks Bryan

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

In your first sentence, did you mean to say "there isn't any malfunction of the steamer component" or "there is a malfunction."?


Your answers are great. Thank you!

actually that was right from the service tech sheets, the F35 code is a problem with the steamer but you mentioned the tech said you needed a new pressure valve and that is one of the components of the steamer system. I believe he telling you the truth about what your machine needs but I'm not sure the soap actually caused the problem, although its is possible after many years the buildup may have had a hand in it, hope this helps, thanks Bryan
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