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How do I bypass the lid switch on a Kenmore 80 series washer

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How do I bypass the lid switch on a Kenmore 80 series washer? My washer is leaking and I need to find out where it is leaking from. In order to see this, I need the washer to run without the washer cabinet. Also, can someone post a illustration to view of how to do this?
for test purposes only when you remove the cabinet you will have unplugged a three wire plug that is dead center in the rear top panel. You create a jumper that runs to the outside terminals on the plug . If you have a leak the greatest chance is the pump. this is common.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

For clarification purposes, is this three wire plug what I disconnected when I took off the washer cabinet? And where is this outside terminal that I need to connect this jumper?

OK to clarify, I will attempt to make this a little more clear. there are three wires running to the plug. The wires are side by side. So there is an outside, a center, and an outside. You jump the two outside wires.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Okay gotcha. I read on the internet that you don't jump with the green wire which is in the center. Makes sense. These three wires are connected to a plastic piece. So I just insert a jumper wire in the two outside holes of this plastic piece? And will any wire do and if so, where should I get one? Thanks for all your help!!!
use lamp cord and remember it is 110V at the plug there so be careful. i just strip 1/4 inch on the ends of the wire and stick it in the holes on the outside terminals.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am sorry but I don't know what you mean by using a lamp cord wire. Do you think that Home Depot will sell this wire? I know what I am doing with regards XXXXX XXXXX the washer (fixed the motor coupling) but when it comes to electric wires, I don't know much
sure ask for a short length(6 inch) of number 14 wire. even number 16 will work. the umber relates to wire diameter and ability to carry current thanks