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I have a maytag bravo top load washer model #MVWB400VQ that

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I have a maytag bravo top load washer model #MVWB400VQ that has been running past the normal time for the wash cycle and occasionally flashes "sd" and draining slowly. My husband tried to access debri lodged between the inner and outer tubs. He was able to pull some wires out that had come out of bras and some other debri. He wasn't able to remove all that he could see. It did drain much better after removing the debdri. I washed 4 loads of clothes after he removed the debri before it starting doing the same thing. The timer usually has 12 minutes remaining beyond the 1 hour and 3 minute normal wash cycle time. Is something else wrong or is the remaining debri blocking the drain? He accessed this debri after removing the agitator (I think it's called an agitator).He doesn't know how to get between the tubs to remove this debri? Please help! He says he can't access between the tubs from the back of the washer, that the hole is too small.
he needs to remove the pump from the bottom of the washer. what ever is causing this is in or around the pump. this can be done by tilting the machine to the rear. there are 2 clamps he can remove and remove the pump. check in the hoses and the pump itself.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I just called my husband with your response. He had the washer laying over on the front yesterday. He says there are 2 pumps on the bottom right and left at the back of the washer. He can see a catch basin in the bottom of the tub before it gets to the pump.
yes one of these is just a recirculating pump. he needs to remove the one that the drain hose is attached to. also i can give you a web address that is for us techs only but it will walk him through the complete breakdown of the tub if he would like to remove the inner tub.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
how complicated is it to remove the inner tub
it is a pretty big job but if he has some mechanical skills he should be able to do it. i am looking for the break down manual now and then he can have a look and see if it is something he wants to try. i would first try the drain pump and hoses though.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He does have mechanical skills. He spoke to someone at Lowes this morning and they did not recommend disturbing the tub due to not getting it balanced. Is there any other way to access this catch basin to remove the debri. Please give me the website that the techs access and also the break down manual. Thank you. Also, why is there always 12 minutes on the timer after the cycle was suppose to have already completed.
because it resets the time to the beginning of the spin cycle due to the fact that it knows it is not draining correctly. give me a few min to find this. there is no problem with getting the tub balanced. no offense to anyone at lowes but these guys have no idea about how to repair a washer.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I agree! I'll wait for the other info.
ok here is the web site. please don't tell to many people as they really don't like it when we give this out. copy and paste this to your browser and this has the complete step by step instructions on how to tear down the entire machine.
if you need further assistance you can always come back to your original question.
check this now to make sure it loads correctly for you. it may take a min. to load
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have gone to this website. Can't access manual.
ok go to then seclect technician resources, technical reference, click agree, tech library, job aids, and then click the cabrio link. this will take a few min to down load as there are 80+ pages.
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