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Haier washing machine fails to spin at end of wash cycle -

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Haier washing machine fails to spin at end of wash cycle - just takes 9 or so minutes tumbling back and forth then reports 'unb' and stops. It doesn't seem unbalanced - it rotates back and forth smoothly enough. Clothes remain sopping wet!
try running a cycle with no clothes inside at all to see if it will spin. If not, then your sensor inside the motor is bad because that is what the washer uses to detect if the load is unbalanced or not. If it can't balance the clothes it will try for 15 minutes or so going back and forth in different fashions and if it never balanaces it will just end the cycle.

You can't replace the tachometer in the motor separately, so if it won't spin without any clothes inside then you will need to replace the motor to fix the issue unfortunately.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your help. As I said initially I have tried spinning without clothes but the problem persists. So this looks like bad news. You say the tacho is 'bad' and I wonder what you mean by this? I am not sure whether it has failed altogether as this machine has been used for about 18 months by my son in his flat and he tells me it has always had a problem where he would frequently find that the clothes were very wet at the end of the cycle but eventually he would be able to get the machine to do a full spin on a spin only cycle so they 'put up' with the problem. Maybe they will be able to continue to use it on this basis and maybe they should have tackled this problem when it was still under guarantee! Kids! Maybe they will have to get a new machine (motor is very expensive) but I will definitely steer them away from a Haier ...

The tachometer is the part inside the motor that checks to see if the motor is spinning evenly (the motor will not spin evenly if the clothes are out of balanced). I'm sorry you've had this problem so long but I might call Haier about it if it's not that far out of warranty, other than that, replacing the motor is really the only solution.
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