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I have a Kenmore Elite He2 Front Load washer. It stops during

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I have a Kenmore Elite He2 Front Load washer. It stops during the cycle and flashes codes such as Sd and F-21. When this happens, the door remains locked. Sometimes pressing "Stop" twice and changing the cycle selection to rinse, spin, and drain allows the washer to complete a rinse, spin and drain cycle and unlocks the door. I've recently moved and cannot find any of the manuals to my appliances, so I'm not sure what the codes mean or what to do to fix the machine. The washer did seem to be shaking and making more noise than usual (but that may be because of the floor of the place we've just moved to. I've made sure that the support feet are balanced and taken the back board off of the machine to make sure the suspended barrel is still balanced on its springs. I'm not sure what else to do. Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated!
This means that either you're using the wrong detergant and suds are getting in the tub (be sure to use High Efficiency detergant or "HE" detergant), or your pressure switch is bad and will need to be replaced. The pressure switch is the part that checks the water level in the tub and it's located just under the top panel along the right side. it's round and has several wires to it as well as a tiny rubber hose.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The detergent I'm using claims to be "He" but it is an off-brand detergent. I will try switching to a different detergent. Is that what the Sd code means? Or is it the F-21 code?

it's both, it's the same code.

Sd means suds
and F21 means it's not draining everything out of the base which basically means it thinks there are suds in the tub still.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Oh! Well, thanks so much for your help today! I'll get some new detergent today and see if that helps! Have a lovely day!
no problem and best of luck to you, in the mean time, only use about 1 tablespoon to make sure you're not using too much and if the problem goes away you can start using more if you'd like.