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pilot lite does not ignite. Its an old speed queen dryer,

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pilot lite does not ignite. It's an old speed queen dryer, gas.
I set the valve parallel to the line, pressed and held the red butten, put a flame to what I believe is the pilot lite, and nothing. Do not smell gas. Does the switch on the dryer need to be set to "Heat"?


Thanks for any help,

Hi can you give me the model number? should be just inside the door.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

only model information shown is on silver dryer schematic on back of dryer, and it reads: Model White and a number,,, 13 or 135 or 137 or 17, hard to read.


Don't know what year of dryer, guessing 70's, maby earlier.


It's a gas dryer, front loader, foot pedal opens door, has a filter inside the door, has operating swithces on top: from l to r: Delicate-normal; Heat- Air; if this helps.



If memory serves this old style speed queen has a carbon igniter, you will have to test the igniter for continuity with an ohms meter. If the igniter shows open it's bad. If the igniter reads continuity test the thermal limit mounted to the top of the burn chamber it's likely this has blown. Mike

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Actually, I was lighting the wrong thing! The pilot light is way in the back. I was lighting the air/gas mix chamber because it had a hole in it and I didn't know any better. A manual would have solved the problem. Thanks anyway, and I am paying you for your time as you did the best you could with the info I gave you.




Geo Vitek