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my washer is not aggitating after it fills unless i put it

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my washer is not aggitating after it fills unless i put it on low fill and heavy duty mode. put it in diagnostic mode and it pumps water and fills with th ehot and cold valves workin properly and not crossed , it spins fine. why when i have it on auto fill and reg mode it wont aggitate?
this can only be a problem with your control board. The control board has the pressure switch built into it so even if the pressure switch was at fault, it doesn't matter because to correct it you still need to replace your control board. Here is a link to the part you would need to order and replace.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i got a part # XXXXX price already but want to be sure it is the control module. seems the water was reversed for some time and the ring on top of basket is worn . can it be a faulty valve or do u kno how to go through the diagnostic mode?

There are no diagnostics but if you run it and look at the 8 progress lights across the top, those will give you the fault code. You said the water filled fine so I was assuming this isn't a filling issue.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
could this be a diverter valve as well. seems the problem has to do with the water level
no otherwise it would happen on all cycles chosen.

And I know it sounds like a water level issue, that's why I said you need a new control board. The sensor for the water level is the pressure switch which is part of the entire control board.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
great i hope that is the problem. should i replace the ring around the top that got worn from a spin cycle . its as if it got grinded down . what pupose does it serve
it's a splash guard and you can usually just shave off the pieces with a knife if you want--- you can replace it if it has holes in it, but it'll wear again when something sticks up too high and rubs on it when it spins.

You might need to replace the fill tube that comes in above the back of the tub if it's worn. Sometimes the tub gets out of balance and it will put a small hole in it so you might want to look at that.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you for your help!
no problem and good luck.