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I have a ten yr old maytag top load washer. Over the past yr

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I have a ten yr old maytag top load washer. Over the past yr it has gotten to where it won't wring the clthes out(they will be sorta piled up in the bottom as aposed to clinging to the outside of the tub, sometimes I can yust run the rinse cycle again and then they will be fine. It would do this about 1 out of 4 washes or so. Now it is doing it almost everytime. I replaced the drain pump about three yrs ago and it still appear to be working so I romoved the lid and wedged a piece wood in the switch so I would go through spin cycle. I would check it every few min. I noticed that it would be spinning faster in the beginning and then get slower and slower till near the end it was sitting still but I could manually turn it and it would carry its 4 or turns you could see where it was acting like it was trying to turn but couldn't.Changed belt on bottom with new maytag belt and no still didn't fix it and now I have run 4 loads with all loads pled in the bottom still very wet. Please help
ok, this sounds like the bearing is getting hot and stopping the tub, if you let it sit for a little while does it spin again?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I just finished another run I would spin easy with me assisting it . After it finished I turned it manually easy for about half a turn then it got tight like pulling the slack out of rope til tight. Only way I know to describe it.
ok you need to tip the machine back and take the belt off and turn the pulley by hand, see if the tub turns that way, let me know, also check the pump the same way and make sure theres not something in it causing it to stop turning,
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I forgot to tell you that while the last load was running in the spin cycle and the tub had slowed to almost stop I tilted the machine up alittle and checked that and all pullys were turning fine and no slipping.
do you smell anything like the motor over heating?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok , you need to replace this,
Washer Transmission pulley & bearing repair kit. *Worn bearing causes slow or no spin, instructions included.

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its the spin bearing kit, you can order this @ for around $30.00 thanks Bryan
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