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Will a power surge cause a microwave magnetron to break

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Will a power surge cause a microwave magnetron to break?
Hello and thanks for your question. A power surge does not usually hurt the magnetron. The electronic control or the line filter board would be more likely damaged. If it stopped heating it is more likely one of the electronic controls. Dave
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

It has stopped heating. Is there any way I can determine what caused the problem? The unit was manufactured in march of 08 but was not put in service until feb of 09. Thank u for all your help


I hesitate to give trouble shooting advice on a MW because they develop 4000 volts when running and this can kill you. Was anything else in the house hit by the power surge? Do you have homeowners insurance that covers this damage or will the power company cover you? Dave
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Nothing else seems to have been affected by the power surge that we can tell. we were without power for 4 days during a snow blizzard and the mv is the only thing not working. Sears said they think its the Magnetron but won't know until they come out. My home owners won't cover unless I can prove it was caused by the storm, thats why Iwas asking the questions.
That's the problem with surges, you can't prove either way what caused the problem. The manufactures warranty does not cover damage from surges and the homeowner coverage does not cover manufacturing problems. No heat can be caused by a control problem, a door switch, a transformer, diode, capacitor etc. You would need a test meter and the wiring diagram to do any testing. Dave
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Thank u so much for all your answers. U are worth much more than I am paying. Have a good day!!!

You are welcome. Best wishes on your repair. Look up your warranty because in the unlikely event that the magnetron is the problem it should be covered for 5 years. Dave