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hi there i bought a second hand fridge freezer model kgu32120gb04

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hi there i bought a second hand fridge freezer model kgu32120gb04 but the freezer doesn't seem to be freezing the food properly the temp goes fom 17 to 7 and now its at 24 and flashing. i've tried to reset temp but continues to go up and down. we had to tip it back slightly to adjust feet so dont know if thats to do with it-any solutions will be greatly appreciated.
This issue is just in the freezer? The refrigerator seems fine? Also, how long has it been plugged in for now?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes the fridge is working fine and set at 4 and stayed there. was plugged in on fri afternoon and we put food in on sat afternoon but have taken food back out of freezer again but not fridge.
ok so it sounds like you have a sealed system problem whether it means that your compressor is inefficient or the freon is leaking out of the unit and it's low on freon. Either way this is not an issue you can correct yourself, you will need to call a servicer as you must be licensed to work on a sealed system.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
could you tell me are these expensive problems to fix or would it be cheaper to get new fridge,
they are expensive problems for certain. Starting cost if it's just a leak in the system is about $350. If it's a compressor it can be as much as $600.
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