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Grit on the glasses in the top rack of my GE dishwasher. To

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Grit on the glasses in the top rack of my GE dishwasher. To minimize several times a week I find the upper spray arm outer holes partially blocked, so I clean them out. I remove the lower spray arm and pull up the filter unit to find lots of grit that I wash out in the sink. Why am I getting such a build up of grit in the filter unit, is some drain blocked, how is all this grit and particles supposed to exit the dishwasher? Thanks!!
Your unit just needs to be cleaned out it sounds like. After several years build up starts to happen and you need to put a solution in the dishwasher to deteriorate the build up so that it doesn't clog up the wash arms and break up during washing. You can use the home remedy of White Vinegar by runing a cycle with a cup facing upwards and running it through a cycle so that it overfills as the cycles goes on. You will need to run about 3 or 4 cycles because it's never been done before and vinegar isn't really strong. Otherwise, you can go to the grocery store and purchase "Jet Dry Dishwasher Cleaner" or "Dishwash Magic" and use the professional dishwasher cleaning solutions ad it will clean out your dishwasher in 1 cycle.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks, so you don't think any drain is blocked. I'll try cleaning with one of the cleaners you mention. If this works it will be great. Thanks again
I don't think the drain is blocked because there isn't water in the tub after it's done. You may want to check and make sure the drain line goes up HIGHER than the disposal before it goes into the disposal (if you have the drain line connected to the disposal). This is called a high rise drain loop and prevents nasty water from backflowing back into your dishwasher. If it's not set up that way then buy a clamp from the hardware store and clamp the hose up high before it enters the disposal.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
That's another great suggestion. I don't think the drain is higher, so I'll install a clamp for this. I always wonder how any grit or particles get into the dishwasher since we rinse the dishes so well. Maybe food from the sink garbage disposal gets into the dishwasher by this route? Do you know if the GE dishwashers have their own garbage disposal? Thanks again.
they do not have their own disposal unfortunately. They have a "soft disposal" which will cut up stuff before it drains so that it doesn't clogg the disposal but this won't chop anything up that's hard like nuts or corn.
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