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Kitchenaid Double Door dishwasher model kudd01dppa1, we are

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Kitchenaid Double Door dishwasher model kudd01dppa1, we are at the end of our rope. Latest problem is that the top drawer won't pump out after the wash cycle. Technician has been here 4 times in 5 weeks on the extended warranty and has replace the pump, but it still fails. He said 'After this I hane no idea what to do.'
Can you help?
it's a very simple machine to understand. If this part was the part that was replaced CLICK HERE then that is your motor or "rotor" for the pump. That leaves only 2 parts left. Either your stater motor (the part the rotor twists into) is damaged so it's not generating enough force, or the drain hose needs to be replaced. Those are the only two other possibilities. These drain hoses often go bad because they are 1/2 the diameter of a normal dishwasher house so they clog easily.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Rinse cycle pumps out just fine, it is only after the wash cycle that the DW fails. This not the part that was replaced..the part that was replaces (the tech took the document and the box with him) was the pump itself. If it pumps out after manually starting the rinse cycle, why won't it pump out after the wash?
if it's just not pumping out at the end of the cycle and you're sure it's pumping out throughout the cycle, then you have a bad control board inside the door that will need to be replaced.
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