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miele cva615 coffee system ; screen reads water system fault,

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miele cva615 coffee system ; screen reads water system fault, please help?
OK you can fix this. Water has seeped into the pan beneath the coffee maker. There is a float switch in this pan that has detected this water. Here is what you do. 1. Remove the water tank. 2. There is an access opening, a round hole in the base beneath where the water tank fits into the machine. Using absorbent cloth material dry the water through this opening. It can take some time so be patient. Once the water is gone the machine will operate normally again. This problem most often ocurs when the water tank is not seated properly allowing water to drain out of the tank and into the base. There are alignment pins on the tank that fit into holes in the coffee machine. Make sure this allignment holes are clear of any debris. Coffee beans have been known to make their way into these opennings. Use a flashlight and a small mirror to see down into the allignment holes.
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