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how do I know if my agitator is broken I have searched the

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how do I know if my agitator is broken? I have searched the parts list and it shows exactly what I have. I do not see a broken part. Is it possible the agitator simply separated from the base and needs to be pushed back together
what part of the agitator exactly fell off? The entire top part or the base and the top part or what?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have the top part in my hands. It has the softener dispenser built in (it doesn't normally come off like the older maytags did) and two spirals on an agitator. it ends with a rounded edge with a small lighter colored plastic "collar" inside the bottom of this piece
te the softener dispenser should pull straight off of the agitator so you are left with a piece that looks like this.


From inisde this piece there should be a bolt that goes straight down and holds it down to the agitator shaft coming out of the base. If it doesn't then you need to order the agitator piece in the link above and replace it.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It is hollow... there is not a bolt. The only bolt is in the base part of the agitator and it appears to be intact. Is it possible this piece merely snaps back onto the base? Plus, my part does not look exactly like the piece you sent with a picture. the fins (clips that it has at the bottom are not on this piece, but the are on the base of the agitator in the washing machine and they are at the top of bottom agitator piece (pointing upward) as opposed to down like this piece.
the clips on the bottom are how the top snaps into the base so if you're missing them, that explains why it won't clip onto the base. you need to order the agitator top as its broken.
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