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What does the F10 on Frigidaire stove CFEF366GC mean We turn

What does the F10 on... Show More
What does the F10 on Frigidaire stove CFEF366GC mean? We turn the oven on and when it reaches a certain temperature, this code comes on and the oven cuts out.
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Hi Here is the meaning of the F10 error code and the corrective actions needed. If you have any questions please feel free to comment. Mike
Fault CodeLikely Failure Condition/CauseSuggested Corrective Action





Runaway Temperature.

Shorted Keypad.

Bad Micro Identification.

Bad EEPROM Identification/Checksum error.

1. (F10 only) Check *RTD Sensor Probe & replace if necessary. If oven is overheating, disconnect power. If oven continues to overheat when the power is reapplied, replace EOC. Severe overheating may require the entire oven to be replaced should damage be extensive.

2. (F11, 12 & 13) Disconnect power, wait 30 seconds and reapply power.

3. (F11, 12 & 13) If fault returns upon power-up, replace EOC.

Do you have any other questions? If not please don't forget to hit the accept button. Thanks! Mike
Customer reply replied 7 years ago.

Sorry, was offline.

When the oven is put onto bake and the temperature is set, (ex. 350 deg F) once it reaches that temperature, the pre-heat light goes off, but the heating element remains red and then the F10 error code appears.

Ok basically what the F10 is telling you in this case is the oven is over heating. It may appear you are at 350 on the control but the oven is actually hotter because the sensor is bad. You should replace the sensor. Click HERE for the replacement part. Mike
Customer reply replied 7 years ago.

Thank Mike, you've been very helpful! We'll see what happens when we replace the sensor.




Your welcome. Mike