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I have a Jenn air JDR8895AAS dual fuel range. I need to change

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I have a Jenn air JDR8895AAS dual fuel range. I need to change the orifices from natraul gas to propane. I have the orifices but don't know which one goes where. I have 5 burners and 7 orifices. I hope you can help I have looked all over and can not find any instructions for doing this!!!
well this is a though one, the instructions tell you which burner the orifices go to, there are different size holes in the orifices the smaller ones go to the smaller burners i believe on this. let me see if I can get the right info for you, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

there are also colors on the orifices if that helps any?


unfortunately I cant find the info for just the orifices, I did find the kit your installing but cant get just the instructions, you may have to order another kit to do this, these are not expensive at least around $12.00, @ I'll keep looking though but it doesn't look promising, thanks Bryan
give me a little bit, I'll see if I can get the info, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

ok I will check back later. the # XXXXX the orifies don't seam to relate to the hole size. I assume the L is for Liquid Propane and the N is for Natrual gass?

correct. I think I might have the info, I will post it for you, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Where do i get the Post at does it come email?
ok I have your info now, this goes by btu's the higher the btu's the bigger the burner, black is 14,000 btu's so this would be the largest burner, red 11,000 next largest burner, green 10,000, next no color(gold) is 8,000 btu, and finally the blue is 45,000 btu , smallest burner.(simmer) hope this helps, thanks Bryan
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