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Hi, I have a GE Profile microwave (XL 1800). I stupidly

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Hi, I have a GE Profile microwave (XL 1800). I stupidly tried to boil and egg in it and it exploded. Now the digital display works if I press the button but when I hit start I get a weird beep. The fans work fine, the oven light does not neither does the microwave. I would cost $99 for repairman to diagnose the problem. Could this be just blown fuse that I could fix? If I have to pay more than $100 I would rather just buy a new one. I really hope someone could help me tell what the problem likely is so I know If I should try changing the fuse or just a new microwave. Thanks, Mark

One thing I forgot to mention which I thought was weird. The vent fan works however the automatic top vent that goes in and out is not working, it is stuck in the open position.
its not a fuse, if the fuse blew the microwave clock would be out also, you probably got egg up inside the microwave and it is almost impossible to clean it out, it may have shorted out the bulb receptacle, either way you would probably need to call a service man to take it down and fix it, maybe its time to replace it, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

What do you think it would cost to fix? Also, I just tried to start it and there was a lot of 'flashing' inside - that cant be good, is it hosed?
yes you have a microwaves bouncing all over the place and thats not good, there made to deflect in the cavity a certain way, you might have a bad stirrer or deflector plate, it would run over $100.00 to have it fixed for sure, don't run it anymore. thanks Bryan
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