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I have a KitchenAide dishwasher thats about 6 years old. I

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I have a KitchenAide dishwasher that's about 6 years old. I just recently replaced the top panel and control switch circuit board because the top panel button seal had broken at the "Start" button and was getting almost impossible get the thing started. I ordered the parts from and they fit and worked perfectly....for about 5 days, then it wouldn't work at all. It was like the control switch circuit board wasn't getting power. It looked as though the power wires had gotten hot because where they touched the dishwasher insulation (black tar-like substance) it was melted. So I checked the thermal fuse and it had blown. I've ordered a new fuse, but am worried about the cause
well if the wires were shorting out and melted and it blew the thermal fuse you have a short somewhere else in those wires, you will need to trace the wires all the way through the machine and see if theres another spot that this is shorting, sometimes down where the wires come out of the door and go under the machine where they bend these can short . did you change the thermal fuse with the new board?this may have been ready to blow form the prier short, hopefully thats the case, let me know what you find, thanks Bryan

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I didn't change the fuse when I changed the board....but I also didn't notice the melted insulation either. I've inspected the wires as far as I can see them (until they go under the dishwasher) and they look fine. In fact, the WIRING insulation itself wasn't burned or melted at all. But obviously it got hot enough to blow the thermal fuse and melt some of that black tar-like insulation on the inside of the door. I guess my main concern is what is causing the wiring to heat up! Could it be that the new contol botton circuit board? Now that I think about it, maybe when the start botton had broken (basically the plastic seal over the actual switch) it was letting some moisture in there and causing some shorting....and it just happened to finally blow after the new parts were installed???
that may be the case, these fuses are like any fuse if the overheat enough they will blow. I doubt the new board caused this. can you send me the model #? thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks Bryan. I don't happen to have that model# XXXXX me.....I'm at work and I have all my paperwork at home. It is an upper-end KitchenAide with the stainless steel door and interior. The new fuse should get here in about a week, so I'll put it in and do what you said and try and trace the wires out fully to see if there is anything else that looks out of place. If I don't see any problem with the wiring and the fuse blows again, is there a way that we can talk about this some more?? Go ahead and close the session for now so that I can pay you....
ok , the reason I wanted the model # XXXXX XXXXX are some of these machines that had problems with the heater and the boards not matching watts, and they had trouble with them, just wanted to check a few things out, after you accept dont close the question and you can come back and reply later, thanks and well wishes, Bryan
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hey Bryan...the model# XXXXX the KithenAide Dishwasher is KUDM01FKSS1
(s/n FM2403839)
ok this model doesnt show any problems with the heater that i can find, theres just the board and interface left, Part 906170 if moisture got into the interface this may cause and issue, when you replace the thermal fuse take a hair dryer to the interface and try drying it out a bit, hopefully when you replace the fuse there will be no more problems, let me know thanks Bryan