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Whirlpool ET19DK cools fine when plugged in, blows breaker

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Whirlpool ET19DK cools fine when plugged in, blows breaker within a day or two, someone suggested it has to do with the defrost cycle
if it was the defrost cycle i believe it would happen the first time it went into defrost, these go into defrost about every 8 hours on the average, it seems to me it would trip the breaker faster if it was the defrost, I have however seen the defrost heaters short out and cause this. have you tried plugging this into another outlet and see if it trips that ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Speedy, sorry I'm not... The fridge is at some friends, who no longer need it, so I can't just walk out and try another outlet. I think they'd have to move a bunch of stuff and I can't ask this. It's an almost new house, so outlet is probably OK. Can you tell me how to disconnect the defrost heater element (I can accomplish this, I'm a lifelong Mercedes tech and just replaced bearings in Kenmore front loader, which is not supposed to be possible, let me know if you want parts list...). If it doesn't blow breaker with defrost heater disconnected we know what's up. Do you know ohm spec? About 0.6 ohm I'd think. How to access, source, replace? I'll check back tomorrow. Thanx alot!!!

the defrost heater is # XXXXX on this diagram, you need to remove the panel in the back of the freezer inside to get to it, you should be able to unplaug it just for a test, if it dosnt trip the breaker then replace it, it needs to have a defrost heater to run correctely, so dont leave it like that, if it still trips the breaker its probably compressor issue,let me know, thanks Bryan,

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Bryan,


I'll be a while before I can try disconnecting the heater, so I'll go ahead and accept the answer. I don't know if I'll be able to contact you to advise you if it works, but it sounds like we are on the right track. Thanx for your assistance! Dave

you can come back and ask more questions if you dont close the question, thanks Bryan