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our bosch dishwasher is running three hours

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our bosch dishwasher is running three hours on the quick cycle...even more minutes then it says it is going to on the display. at the very end of the cycle the bottom is full of soapy bubbly water. i will have to hit clear drain to get all the water out. smells horrible. really really bad. the technician says it needs a new sensor, which he ordered, but it still hasn't come in. seems like more than a sensor??? what are your thoughts?
you are correct its more than a sensor you need a new control board, this is a common failer in these, if its running froever the heater isnt comming on and the board keeps telling the heater to come on but it doesnt , the machine doesnt advance because of this therefore takes forever to cycle, I would call the tech and tell him to fix this correctly, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok, thank you for the advice. would this be the reason for the horrible smell? should we do the repair or is it just time for a new dishwasher? the dishwasher is about 7 years old. could this be one of many repairs this dishwasher will need in the future?
unfortunatly there will be other problems with this, they only last around 7-8 years without a major repair, and yes the smeel can be caused by this not rinseing and draining properly and the water not heating, replacement may be a better option at this point, the boards are not cheap either, hope this info helped thanks Bryan
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks- we found a Kenmore Pro 1317 on consumer reports that almost everyone liked - going to look at one now. Lots of stories on the consumer reports site that begin with " we had a Bosch, but...." See any problems with this model??
thats great and when there is a problem with these its usually a simple one, thanks and happy new year! Bryan