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My dishwasher leaves black specks on my dishes (especially

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My dishwasher leaves black specks on my dishes (especially the plastic cups). It smears when you try to remove it. What is it and how can I fix it?
Happy consumer,

My guess would be a rubber gasket or seal some where is starting to fall apart. Where is the more difficult question. Start with the door seal (easiest to check and to replace) and work inward.

had this once and the first thing I tried was to use the heated dry cycle, instead of trying to save electricity by air drying... that helped some.

But, what really worked was to fill both detergent cups with Clorox bleach, put the silverware baskets in the racks to be washed, and then wash on the normal cycle. My dishwasher was sparkling clean.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Do you feel it's worth the time and effort to replace the door seal? My husband isn't very handy with these things and would like to buy a new washer. I hate to spend the money if it's not necessary. Just looking for another opinion. Thanks:)
What is the model number and how old is your dishwasher

Inside the dishwasher is a sticker on the wall, with the model number
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The model # XXXXX XXXXX and we have had it since 1993
If you have service replace the door gasket it could cost $130 all together service and parts. Thats if it is the door gasket that is causing the specks.
It can be any seal or gasket causing this. We normally start with replacing the door seal first and go from there.
The decision whether to fix or replace it is one you need to make.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Thank you. That information was helpful in making our decision. Happy New Year!

Peace Thank You