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I have a new MCWC45A wine cooler. Cools fine. Usual gurgling

Resolved Question:

I have a new MCWC45A wine cooler. Cools fine. Usual gurgling noise when running. The problem is that after it runs, several minutes later it frequently (a few times a day) lets out a single pop. Sounds similar to popping an air bubble in plastic insulation. I returned the other new unit to Home Depot after a technician came and checked my unit and was unable to determine the cause of the problem. I was instructed to return it which I did. The problem is that this unit (serial # XXXXX) does the same thing. Since I work from home and this unit is in the same room this concerns me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Tyler Z. replied 7 years ago.
returning is is going to be your only option really. The problem is that the refrigerant oil is getting into the cap tube and the pressure, when not running, tries to equalize and it eventually will once it get past the refrigerant oil build up. Oil can get to the cap tube either from poor shipping or jsut poor manufacturing, but replacing it is by far the best option. No, it shouldn't make that noise.
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