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our Jenn-Air JDB-5 dishwasher is just over 3 years old and

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our Jenn-Air JDB-5 dishwasher is just over 3 years old and has died. it stopped mid-cycle yesterday (water in it during pre-wash) no lights or any response from any buttons on the control panel. About 30 minutes later (left door cracked open) lights were blinking and when I shut the door it started back up and finished cycle. Last night I put it on before going to bed and this AM it is dead again -dishes not finished and absouletly no response from control panel. I have turned off the breaker and no response.

The Use & Care guide is useless - is there a reset switch anywhere?
Is there an easy way to determine if it is just the control panel? and if so, how much is that part?

there is no reset switch but it sounds like you either have a bad control board or the unit isn't getting power for one reason or another. Remove the kick panel below the door and look for the 3" x 3" sheet metal box. Take the cover off and check the connections inside to make sure none of them are loose or melted. If they are then correct the wiring. If everything checks good and you're getting power to that point, you have a bad control board.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It has power - so it's the control board - do youknow the part number and how much its likely to cost for a replacement part - I assume its simple enough to replace.
it is simple to replace but I would need a full model number to look the part up, generally the part is about $100 or a little over.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

JDB1100AWB 34477153JP


Please recommend best place to get on-line (low price and fast delivery) are any of them open on a holiday weekend?



Here is a link to the part.


And most places take about a week or two to deliver the part but you can always ask for it to be overnighted or whatnot. Also, if you have a local appliance parts store you can pick it up there as well. I'm not sure that any parts store is open this weekend. Everyone that I know is closed.

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