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I bought a New Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator at Sears today

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I bought a New Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator at Sears today Model is 58703. It has the three type Ice Maker in the door including Shaved Ice. However I was concerned about the Ratings I saw online on Sears Website only giving it a 1 star rating. Saying it is very noisy and that Ice drops outside the container to the bottom of the fridge all the time, another saying the small door inside gets mold from trapped Ice. The Samsung seems to have much higher reliability Ratings from consumers reviews. Beings I spent 2300.00 can you please give me your honest explanation for these poor scores on the Kenmore. I just don't want issues and haven't taken delivery yet. If I have made the wrong choice I will go with a different brand like the Samsung. Just need more educated advice on the best side by side fridge. 2 people gave it ratings of 1 outta 5 but now I'm nervous about the quality of Kenmore. Please Help !!!! My old fridge was a Kenmore and it was really great. Also who makes Kenmore now is it Whirlpool ?

well this is a very new unit on the market and I'm personally not a fan of being a test dummy. That isn't to say that this isn't going to be a great model, but how would you know? Any reviews on this unit would be very quick to judge which is probably why only people with bad experiences have rated on them so far. I have never once heard of mold forming in the dispenser and find it hard to believe because above the flap in the ice chute, even if the ice does melt it's barely above freezing at best. As far as noise goes... well they are right about that. All units are getting noisier except for Samsung right now. They're just making them out of thinner sheet metal and using less insulation to keep costs down, so you hear the compressor running more. Whirlpool does still make most of the Kenmore products.

Now, that being said, Samsung is the LAST refrigerator I would buy. I have no idea why their rating would be higher other than some people just love how quiet they are? They are more advanced than most of the refrigerators on the market from what I've seen but they are also probably the most unreliable. Fans, thermistors, control board all tend to go bad often on these units as well as their Icemakers.

I personally would go with the unit that you have chosen first to see how it goes over getting a Samsung. If you were to change it out for some reason, I might go with a Kitchen Aid. They have probably been the most reliable through the years. They had a few years when they started to put the ice bucket on the door that they ended up having issues, but those have been corrected.
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