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We just completed our first self-cleaning oven operation on

Customer Question

We just completed our first self-cleaning oven operation on our 4 year old GE range (model # XXXXX). The oven door locked automatically and the LOCKED DOOR light went on. The default timer was set at 4 hours. After about 5 hours we assumed the cycle was complete but we could not open the oven door. The oven was completely cooled down by this time and the LOCKED DOOR light was off. The problem is that ALL of the control panel lights are off (dark, no clock or timer). The oven light will turn on and all four surface units work so there is not a power problem. None of the push buttons on the control work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Tyler Z. replied 7 years ago.
well you're not going to like this answer but something is going on with your display control board itself. Check and make sure the unplugging the appliance for 60 seconds won't reset the clock control board in case it's just confused, but if it doesn't work then you will need to replace the display control board itself as there are no fuses and switches that cut power to the display board on this unit. Below is a link to the part.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Your suggestion of unplugging it for 60 seconds or so was sure worth a try, but that didn't work either. I had came to the same conclusion as you but it was nice to get a second opinion to give me the confidence to go ahead and order the part. I ordered it late Friday and should receive it by mid week. The holidays slowed up my reply because I was out of town. I have torn into the range enough so the control is exposed. When the new one arrives I should be able to tell right away if it is the right one. I'm hoping that once I install the new control, the door will automatically unlock. Agree? Thanks for the quick response.



Expert:  Tyler Z. replied 7 years ago.
I agree yes, and best of luck to you--I hope everything works out.