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I have a Kenmore microwave oven (M/N 721.62464200) that is

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I have a Kenmore microwave oven (M/N 721.62464200) that is making a low humming noise, and producing a significant eletrical flash from behind a silver cover plate on the upper-righthand side of the cooking space. I popped the plate and behind ot was a cylindrical part that has a hole burnt through it. (I was unable to remove the part, but didn't try to force it for fear of doing more damage.) Is this a repairable problem--and what would you estimate the cost to be--or do I need to replace the microwave. It's 6 years old. Thanks!
that will be the magnetron tube and it cost about $64.95 on this one and you need a tech to come out and dis-charge the unit and swap it out ,, you can get it at a local appliance parts dealer near you or online at / thanks and happy new year
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for the quick reply...this is an extremely cool service you all offer...


So, in your opinion, is the age of the unit (6yrs) a red-flag? Any reason to think I might be looking at more age-related repairs in the near future? (I don't know how long these units are supposed to last anymore!...)


Thanks again...

you will be looking at more problems as time goes since its 6 years old now and if the tube shorted and caused this problem its possable it may have caused more problems that you will not find unit the part is put in ,,, i know the part is only $70 but i believe i would compare prices on new units ,, hope this dont make you mad but thats my opeion / thanks
i will be offline for a while to take my insulin and rest up so if you need more infomation please ask now or i will be back later / thanks Larry
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

That's good information. One more thing and I'll quit bugging don't happen to have any specs for that unit handy? Before I go hunting for the manual and do a bunch of measuring, etc...I just thought I'd ask, in case you have that info sitting right in front of you...


Thanks again.

that i cant help with but here is the manual for your unit and the info may be in it / thanks and since today is the last day of the year please hit the accept button as you leave / thanks again
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