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Hooking up a new water inlet valve for my ice-maker. (Whirlpool

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Hooking up a new water inlet valve for my ice-maker. (Whirlpool Model 70 part number). Don't know if it makes a difference whether the two white wires that are together need to hook up to the "ear" marked A1 or L (on the valve) and the single brown wire to the other ear? In other words, of the two tabs or "ears" you hook into the valve, which wires go where?

Thank you sincerely,

Hello Todd, Is this a single valve or double valve? in other words is there a water dispenser too?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Good Morning Mike,

This is a single. My dilemna is not remembering what side of the valve the wires hook into. There are two whites which go into one ear of the valve and then a single brown wire which hooks to the other. Does it matter which plug in on the valve these wires go into. The plug-ins actually have markings....."A1" and the other "L"
Mean anything?

Thank you.
It does not matter which terminal goes on where, This is one of those electrical items where either wire can go on either terminal. Mike
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Any ideas why water is not completing its path?
Ice maker not working?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ice maker is rotating properly and the only problem is the water valve is not getting activated to release water to ice maker.
Ok did you check the fill tube between the back of the freezer to the ice maker? this will sometimes get blocked with ice. If you do find ice in this tube either pull the tube out from the back and soak in warm water or if the tube will not come out defrost it with a hairdryer. Mike
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Unhooked that last night and blew through it to ensure it was clear; which it is. I have called the appliance center and they have told me I can come in and swap out the valve for a different one since I am beginning to think my "new" valve is a NO GO........

Unless you have something else in mind? I appreciate your patience thus far!
Well an ice maker is a pretty simple thing. you have the valve and the maker. If the fill tube is clear and there is no water going into the tray and you have replaced the valve it means the ice maker is bad. Even though you may see the arm moving the fill timer may not be engaging. At either rate if the fill tube is clear it's the valve or the ice maker. I suspect it's the ice maker since it's a very rare thing for a new fill valve to be bad. Mike
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