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I bought a BBT Power Star tankless water heater for my shop,

Resolved Question:

I bought a BBT Power Star tankless water heater for my shop, had it for 4 months before I had a chance to run the water lines and hook it up. Well got it hooked up last Saturday and turned everything on. no leaks, but no HOT Water either. i checked the electrical and it is getting 118.79 Volts. The small light on the front never came on either. Checked the power on opposite side of "what looks like a switch" and it has power there. This "Switch has a Red Line to it, and three Brown lines coming off it.
What do I need to do?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Craig replied 7 years ago.
I want you to verify that you have done the following:

Q. No Neon Light, No Hot Water?
  1. Be certain power and breaker at panel box are on.
  2. Water supply to unit must be connected to proper fitting. Fitting closest to drain plug.
  3. The high temperature thermal cut-out has been triggered. Turn off power to unit , remove front cover and reset thermal cut-out. Location of thermal cut-out. Thermal cut-out button should push in and click, if it does not but rather feels stiff and wobbly then it is not the problem.
  4. If the power and reset are all right then the flow switch in the heater needs to be inspected. See diagram. The unit may be mounted on wall in a different orientation then this diagram but in this diagram the plastic (white or black) plunger with screw on the stem needs to move laterally to the left with sufficient water flow. Best to test by leaving faucet open and controlling water flow to heater with an inlet or outlet service valve directly before or after the heater, this way the flow switch can be observed. If water continues to flow at sink while service valve is turned off then this plumbing error will prevent the flow switch from pressurizing and needs to be corrected. If plumbing is all right but the flow switch doesn't move then either the flow is insufficient or the flow switch is stuck from use or water quality. Improve flow rate by cleaning filter screen and aerator screen at sink, also remove aerator screen/restrictor at sink to improve flow as a test. Location of filter screen, marked filter plug

Edited by Craig on 12/8/2009 at 7:08 PM EST
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