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kenmore elite oasis dryer 110.67062600. getting F40 alarm

Customer Question

kenmore elite oasis dryer 110.67062600. getting F40 alarm after 15 seconds. can reset after 3 to 5 times and dryer will run thru cycle fine. I checked blue communication cables. They rang out fine. The keypad board was replaced 2 years ago. Dryer almost 3 years old
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Appliance Man replied 7 years ago.



ATC Thermistor Open/ShortF then 40 flashes when the ATC Thermistor is detected to be open or shorted. See TEST #5.

TEST #5 Automatic Temperature Control
This test checks the water inlet valves, the temperature sensor, and the machine/motor control.
1. Check the valves by performing Test #2, before continuing to the next step.
2. Ensure proper hose connections and that household's hot water is present.
3. Plug in washer or reconnect power.
4. Remove all clothes from the machine.
5. Select POWER

  • Wash/Rinse Temp. WARM/WARM wash cycle NORMAL START.

    6. After the tub fills and starts to wash, stop the machine.
    7. Measure the water temperature, and verify it is 85°±5°F (29°±3°C). If the water temperature is correct, ATC is functional. If the water temperature is incorrect, then go to step 8.
    8. Unplug washer or disconnect power.
    9. Access the machine/motor control assembly. See Accessing & Removing the Electronic Assemblies.
    10. Remove the P9 connector, and using an ohmmeter, measure the resistance between pins P9-1, and P9-3. Verify that the resistance is within range as shown
    in the following table:

Temperature Resistance(Ohms)
50°F (10°C)19k-20.5k Ω
60°F (16°C)15k-15.7k Ω
70°F (21°C)11.7k-12.2k Ω
80°F (27°C)9.1k-9.5k Ω
90°F (32°C)7.2k-7.6k Ω
100°F (38°C)5.6k-5.9k Ω
110°F (44°C)4.6k-4.9k Ω
120°F (49°C)3.6k-3.8k Ω
130°F (55°C)2.9k-3.1k Ω

If the resistance is not within this range, go to step 11.
If the resistance is within this range, go to step 12.
11. Using an ohmmeter, measure continuity between all pins on the P9 connector and the thermistor contacts. If there is continuity, replace the log
valve assembly. If there is no continuity, replace the upper harness.
12. The log valve and upper harness are good. Replace the machine/motor control assembly. See Reinstalling the Electronic Assemblies.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Sorry I am not happy with you answer. I am using my honor system. I am not going to accept your answer.


Expert:  Appliance Man replied 7 years ago.
Why are you not happy with my answer.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I asked you about a Kenmore. dryer and you replied with a washer answer.
Expert:  Appliance Man replied 7 years ago.
Oh i am sorry. Here is the right answer. The F40 code normally indicates a failure in communication between the main machine control board and the blower motor control board. In some instances, a loose wiring harness connection or a failed user interface control board could produce signals that are interpreted by the main machine control board to indicate a blower motor control board communication error even though this component is not present in your model of Oasis dryer.

If you are able to unplug the dryer and safely access the components in the console, you can check the wiring harness connections on the machine control board. If you do not find a problem with any wiring connections (especially between the user interface and the main control board), then the user interface control will likely need to be replaced to fix this problem.

The procedures for access and replacing the control boards are provided in the image below. The image below shows a model with the motor control. As noted above, your model does not have this component.

If you need to replace the user interface control board, you can order it from the Sears PartsDirect website. The part number is XXXXX

If you need more help, resubmit your question with additional details.