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I have a Napoleon GD45 gas fireplace that will light and stay

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I have a Napoleon GD45 gas fireplace that will light and stay lit but won't light the whole burner tube? It does't seem to go on High...
IT would be my bet that the gas valve is not opening fully and causing low pressure and volume. Try giving the valve a good tap and see if you get a response with more flame. It might be time for a new gas valve. The igniter for this, is it a glow bar or electronic? A weak igniter bar can cause low current to the gas coil.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have already tried to tap the valve several times and no change, this unit is 6 years old and has about 200 total hours on it with 180 coming from a ice storm in northern New York last December where it ran great for 7 days heating my house. The unit is a milli volt system with a standing pilot so I can use it when the power is out.
I would suggest that the main gas valve is not fully opening. To know for sure you need to measure the 'thermopile' (thermocouple) with a DC millivolt meter. If it is not producing the needed millivolts necessary to power the gas valve, it may open partially. If it has a good output, then it's the gas valve. I would suggest 250 millivolt depending on what the number on your thermocouple has.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have just measured the output and I only get to 215MV on both the low and high setting. Do you think this is it? I will get a new one tomorrow and try it.
That could be ok, is it right directly in the pilot flame? That reading is pretty good. Seems like a good output from thermopile. It could be the gas valve not getting open all the way. Could you get a number off the thermo? I'm leaning towards the gas valve....
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I will take this out today after work and see what I can find. I will try a new one for the heck of it before going for a valve. I will not tie you up anymore and apprietiate everything to this point, Thanks Bill

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