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We have a Bosch HMB405 built in stainless steel microwave.

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We have a Bosch HMB405 built in stainless steel microwave. It's been great until this sounds like it's sparking or arcing? It makes a wild loud crackle noise and flickers the way an old microwave used to when you put metal inside.

Yes, we are certain there isn't any metal in the microwave. It has happened warming a piece of chicken, warming a cup of coffee and now a an egg.

Any thoughts?
You have a bad magnetron. This part should have a 5 year warranty on it. You need to be trained to work on a microwave due to the high voltage that is stored inside.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Do you know - do I remove it and take it back to the retailer or do I contact Bosch? I installed it so removal isn't an issue but I would love to avoid costly home visit by a tech since it's easy for me to deliver it to someone, any thoughts or experiences would be great.

Thank you
Bosch will come out to you to repair it.
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