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I have a GE JVM2070SK02 above range microwave that locks up

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I have a GE JVM2070SK02 above range microwave that locks up after using it. The display locks up, displays varying single digit codes (rarely the same one twice), and won't work again until I unplug it and plug it back in again. The oven was built and installed in 2006, but is being used for the first time now (the house was new construction that sat vacant since then). At first it worked find, but then it occasionally started to lock up and now it locks up every time. At first we could work around the problem by stopping the microwave before the timer ran out, but now even that doesn't work. Unplugging and plugging it back in restores everything and it will work time.

Any idea what is causing this and how to fix it?

Thank you,
Scott S
Hartford CT
Hi If you are able to get it to work sometimes it means the likely problem is with the touch pad or the control board. Without the F error codes it has been displaying I can't be sure which. What I can do is give you the list of error codes for this appliance and the corrective actions. Next time it shuts down hit cancel and it should display an error code. Which will then tell you where your problem is and what to do about it. Mike
GE Microwave Fault Codes
Failure CodeFault Code DescriptionSolution
F1Oven cavity thermistor openCheck oven thermistor for continuity. Replace if zero or infinite ohms.
F2Oven cavity thermistor closedCheck oven thermistor for continuity. Replace if zero or infinite ohms.
F3Key panel (touch pad) shortedThis code will occur if a shorted key panel is detected continuously over 60 seconds. Replace key panel (also called touch pad).
Humidity sensor open or shortedReplace humidity sensor.
F6Shorted temperature probeThis code will occur if temp. probe is detected as shorted continuously over 5 seconds. Replace temperature probe.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

There is no "cancel" button: only a pause on the touchpad or an "off" physical button. When it shuts down, no buttons (touchpad or physical) do anything and the light goes out. The vent cover automattically closes, the display says "Finished" and then a single digit code appears where the clock normally displays. I just did five tests, it locked up all five times, and the codes for each of the five occurances were: 1, 0,0,0, and 2.

In this case sounds to me like the control board is shot. This is very common with Microwaves over the top of ranges with the moisture from cooking on the range shorting them out. Mike
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Is replacing the control board something I can do myself, because I have heard that it costs as much as the microwave is worth to have GE do it.


Where can I get a replacement control board?


Thank you,


Hi , you can get the replacement board from and it's just a case of removing the display panel and replacing the board. This schematic may help you with the repair. Mike
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