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Hi..I have a dacor Pinnacle Rasised vent system stove . Then

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Hi..I have a dacor Pinnacle Rasised vent system stove . Then vent keeps rising and going down in cycles of 3 to 7 times before stopping. Then after several minutes it starts all over again. I tried pulling the plug but that only affects the gas stove igniter. How can I turn this off? what is going on?
Pop-up should be hooked up to its own power supply as it has nothing to do with the cooktop. Diagnosing the problem would require a voltmeter, but it sounds like your touchpad is bad and is calling for it to cycle. You can just unplug the harness from it at the circuit board inside the unit and see if it stops to determine issue quickly.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks! unplugging the harness from the touchpad at the crcuit board would require opening up the top cap and end caps to gain access? hard to do if I can't get the unit to stop in the right position. options?

No. Board is in lower right corner- that is where you need to access.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
lower right hand corner of the up and down vent? entire apparatus in cabinet below?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
found it. unplugged the red, blue and white wires from the circuit board and no response. continues the up and down cycling. just remove the hot wires next? but what do I need fixed? Thanks...
There are some switches on the pop-up motor. One may be bad or have a bad connection. You would need to access that and see if the switches are good or not.
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