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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  15 yrs. experience as a certified appliance technician.
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mle2000ayw Sn #26856690yq washer will work but dryer with

Customer Question

mle2000ayw Sn #26856690yq washer will work but dryer with not turn on at all sonny repairman
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bryan replied 7 years ago.
you have a bad thermal fuse in this. Part 516650its located on the blower housing, to test it you can jump it out if it starts replace it dont leave it jumped out its a safety. these are only around $5.00 @ thanks Bryan, its ppart # XXXXX on this diagram,
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i have tested this fusl link this fusk is ok let start over frist when there the washer didnt not work at all found burned trest on the brd mother brd on top after installing the washer worked ok later next day hom own said that dry didnt work I dound the door s/w to be gedamged when i was put on the door i drop the the door and door broked the fall So i order a door s/w they send the washer door s/w.The lite part of the s/w wprks but i jumper out the door and dwyer will not start and i have check all the safty on heating part they all ok also the rester starting to burn on the new brd the tech inf said to change the wax motor too i still dont know what has the dryer off?
Expert:  Bryan replied 7 years ago.
ok well there are only a few things in this that can cause the dryer not to start, 1 the start switch, Part 4552732 the timer, Part 5169593 your not getting 220 volts to the machine. the washer will still run though because it runs on 120v but the dryer requires 220v.check these things and let me know, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i well go back to the machine to day ch the voltage and how do if it is the starter motor ?i get power thur the startter s/w at the front panel and how would know it maybe the timer is bad i well go this noon i will ch for email you may have for me ok Sonny
Expert:  Bryan replied 7 years ago.
ok I have to go out for a while anyway. thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok i will let know when iam the site it will late this after noon 3:00pm or later maybe use his comp thank you sonny
Expert:  Bryan replied 7 years ago.
your welcome, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
am leave to go suite now to placle new door s/w and wax motor for washer be there in abut 30 min sonny
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
place the new door s/w no dyer drum dont turn at all .i have 220 volt ckeck all safty
Expert:  Bryan replied 7 years ago.
Ineed to work today but when I return i will get back to you.