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3 things with our 2003 GE Profile 1. Top rack roller wheels

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3 things with our 2003 GE Profile: 1. Top rack roller wheels fall off. I need to order some new ones. 2. The middle arm does not rotate (it is attached to the bottom of the top rack). This has been on-going for 1-month. I have checked the filters and cleaned them all. I have checked the arms for obstruction and debris (none). The arm will turn if I manipulate it. I thought it was not get a good connection, so I replace the O-rings but it did not help. The top arm and bottom arm do turn. Dishes do get clean despite the middle arm not working (we do rinse the dishes before putting them in the machine). I do not know which part to replace first. 3. Today the dishwasher is acting weird. It will run for about 2 min. then the sensor and washing light are on, then it is silent for about 10 min. then will run for 2 min again then off for 10 min. etc.... over and over again. It will continue to count down on the time. I tried 2 different cycles to see if it was any difference in the way it ran. But no. The dishes appear clean but the detergent holder would not open, I noticed it when it was almost completed a cycle, and I had to open it. Thanks!
can you tell me how much water is in the bottom of this after it fills? thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
GE Profile Dishwasher 2003
Number PDW7800G00WW
Manufacturer's Part Number ZA796145B
Sorry for the delay; I just got back from work travel. The water covers the bottom, up to the edge.
well it seems your getting enough water so it has to be the curculation pump, Part 912037 you can get this @ before ordering this take it completly out and check the impeller and make sure there are no obstuctions in the pump and hoses, thanks Bryan
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you can get all the parts for your dish washer @ including the roller wheels for the top rack, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
You recommended part # XXXXX You included an image of the part from repair BUT the image of the part is NOT on my machine. I pulled it out and flipped it over. I see a big motor and impeller (907946 for $23) I also see the $55 DRAIN PUMP ASSEMBLY [recirculation pump] Part 948053. What do I need to buy? Everything looks functional and clean.
ok sorry. I must have hit a wrong button somewhere in my search, anyway when you say the water covers the bottom of the machine up to the edge what edge are you speaking off.? about how deep in inches is it when full?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
FYI - the said the image was discontinued and referred me to the $270 complete motor/pump, that includes the impeller. It was not your fault. So, inspected the machine and placed it back into the cabinet. We are running a cycle and it is operating fine EXCEPT the middle arm (attached to the upper rack) is not spinning (although it drains with water) ... maybe not enough pressure? The top and bottom arms spin fine. Water just touches the edge of the DOME FLOAT. (Thanks) ... maybe not enough pressure?
I believe you may not be getting enough water in this, there should be water up to about maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch below the door lip. try adding more water by hand and see if the middle arm spins then. these are time filled and if the valve isnt opening fully its not getting enough water in the alloted time. the float shuts the water off if it starts to overfill if you have really high water pressure, let me know , thanks Bryan
also here is a link to all the diagrams for your machine, in case you see something missing or broken,
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Before the water was 1-inch below the heating element. Now we added hot water to raise it to the level of bottom (touching) the heating element. The arm is spinning, slightly (not as freely as the others). Think it is the $23 water valve? (We are on well water, low pressure, with an in-line water sediment filter. Thanks.
yes I believe you will need to change the valve. these get weak and dont open fully so it doesnt fill enough, they have them at repair clinic, I believe this will help, thanks Bryan