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My Kenmore 90 Series Washing machine wont stop running water

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My Kenmore 90 Series Washing machine won't stop running water even when it's unplugged. What is causing that?


What has happened is the water inlet valve(s) is/are stuck open. This can happen when a piece of debris gets between the seal and the valve seat. The valve(s) can jam open but this is a rare condition.

Replaceing the valve will be needed.

Please post the model number of your unit and I will provide links to the parts.

Best, THS

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
90 Series Heavy Duty Super Capacity Plus Quiet Pak

Ok I need the number from the manufacturers tag on the unit. It is located under the lid.

Thasnk you.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
MOD 23902200
SER CM3015527
TYPE 111
Ok thank you. I need to switch computers and look this up for you. I will post in about 10 minuets. Thank you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Do I have to buy the premium service in order to get this manual? It says no more free downloads are avail. right now.

No you do not! Could you please do a screen shot of that page for me? This is an account that I pay for and they should not be restricting the downloads. If you fdo not know how to do a screen shot please let me know antd I will provide instructiuons.

Here is how to post the screen shot.

At the top of your reply box is a icon that looks like a tree. It is two to the right of the smiley.

Click on the icon. It will bring up a box.

Click on browse. Another box will appear.

Click on browse again in that box.

Navigate to the place in your computer where the picture is. Select it, and then in the second box click on upload.

The second box will disapear. You must wait for this to happen.

In the first box click on insert.

This will upload your picture, and you should see it displayed in your reply box.

Repeat the process to upload another picture.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Here is all I've been able to do. I can't get it to upload the page, but I cut and copied what it said: You want to download the following file:

This file can only be downloaded by becoming a Premium member

There are no more download slots available for free users right now. If you don't want to become a premium member, you might want to try again later.

Ok thank you for the information. You can better believe that they will be hearing from me on this.

I will set the file as a priority download. It will be a few minuets.

Thank you for your patience.


Ok try it now.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Got it. One last question before I hit accept (which I will:0)... Is it worth taking it apart before ordering the part and seeing if I can dislodge what ever is sticking? I have to leave town Thurs. morning and need laundry done for my family now. If not, I'll have to try and buy it somewhere that doesn't take a week to get. Again, thanks for your help and work.

No not really. The solinoid is a sealed unit and is not serviceable.

This is a common part and most appliance retail parts houses will have one.

Best, THS

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