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I have a Samsung refrigerator/freezer which we love but the

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I have a Samsung refrigerator/freezer which we love but the bottom freezer has been slowly warming up. Thought it might be over loaded and blocking air flow but it's worse now after 3 weeks and running at 23 degrees.

I have "rebooted" the whole unit but it has only been 15 minutes and I'm not sure what to do if that doesn't work. I'm inclined to get a small chest freezer as a backup so I don't have to loose food in case of an outage. Either way, I'll have to get this figured out and the unit is only 3 years old. Not a high end unit, cost around $900.00 but it fit in the space we had open.
when did you (reboot this) and what did you do, ? do you see any frost on the back panel in the freezer? also look in these places for a model # XXXXX here are some tips to help with your model number:
  1. Don't enter a dash if it's not required.
  2. Don't enter any blank spaces.
  3. Be sure a zero is not the letter O.
  4. Be sure a lower case L is not a 1.
  5. Kenmore models always have a 3 digit prefix such as 110 or 665, then a period, then more numbers.
Next, look for an aluminum tag--or a silver or white adhesive label. The model number may be printed or stamped onto the tag and it may be written in two different type sizes or styles.

You might find the tag in one of these places:

All types

  • Inside the refrigerator or freezer, on the upper left or right side wall
  • Behind the lower crisper drawer
  • Behind the lower toe kick-plate
  • On the face frame of the refrigerator body,


let me know , thanks .Bryan

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
To reboot, I just unplugged the unit for 30 seconds and plugged it back in. A friend has a different Samsung refrigerator and he told me that his requires this now and then.

Model number is XXXXX - Samsung

No, I don't see any frost on the back panel.
ok , is the unit working right now? staying at temp. whats the temp. now? this could take up to twenty four hours to stabilize,
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It's operating but the tempurture say 23 degrees. This has been rising steadily over the last two weeks.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry! I moved all the baskets out of the way and there is a lot of frost build up at the back of the freezer. Could that be the issue? If so, how would I go about cleaning it out properly?
ok you have a defrost problem . you will need to remove the back panel and take a hair dryer and defrost it until all the frost is gone, then plug it back in put the back panel back on and let it run 24 hours, this will work until you can change this.
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this refrigeator is made by maytag and these are a problem. its the defrost temp. sensor, you can oreder this @ for under $13.00 this should do it. thanks Bryan
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