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Hello - my Mom has a Hardwick Century II Propane range - four

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Hello - my Mom has a Hardwick Century II Propane range - four burner, self cleaning.
The oven was not coming up to temperature and a technician came and replaced the oven igniter, checked temperature and said everything ok. Well, it wasn't as I had told him the oven came on but went off again and wouldn't come on in time to keep temp at an even heat. This was back in February and my Mom loves to cook and really can't afford a new stove right now.
Presently the oven won't come on but the broiler is working.
Can you help or suggest? Thank you.
do you see the igniter glowing when you put this in bake?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Not sure where I see this? Is it back near the broiler covering? If so, no glow!


its under the bottom plate in the oven. usually this has a couple of screws in the back to release it. lift it up and see if you see it glowing, also is the broiler on the top of the oven?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes - igniter is glowing! Broiler is on top of oven. I've got the oven door off. Set the temp for 300. The igniter went out again. Is there some kind of safety precaution that no flame would come if door off?
not if the door was off no. you may have a safety valve problem. can you get me the model #? thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Serial #: 03CNNN-NN-NNNN/p>

Model #: CPM 9841K A689DG (not sure if last letter is G as I put down or O)

Mom just informed me that the technician was back again and said that it was something to do with propane not staying open??!! The tech was looking behind the back of the stove on or near the top says Mom.


ok this is your safety valve.
Gas safety valve for both bake and broil
Appliance Part Mouse OverAppliance Part Mouse Over
Mouse over to see other views. Everything you see is included in this part.
Part 1908
this could explain why broil works and bake dosnt, it runs both, if this broils then the propane is staying open, the problem is the bake side of the valve. did the tech try changing the igniter agian? sometimes these can fail even if its new.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi - I just checked broil part again - igniter glowed and flame came on. And the igniter in bottom of oven glows but no flame. The safety valve diagram above - is this in back of stove? Or is this the igniter apparatus I'm looking at?


your looking at the igniter, is it glowing brightly? this is the problem, if the igniter isnt drawing enough amps the valve will not open, so you could have a bad igniter or it could be the valve, how long did the igniter work befroe it started not lighting again?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK - did another check with igniter in bottom of oven. It came on but seemed it had to have temp set for about 350 before it did. Then the flame came but only stayed on 5 - 10 seconds and went out again.
ok this could be allot of diffrent things, 1 the erc is bad(electronic range control) Part 709228if this is the problem its no longer available , 2 the temperature sensor, Part 1365this is available, or 3 the igniter is weak and not keeping the valve open, Part 3377the tech is going to have to test these things, along with the valve itself, you wont be able top do it. you should call another service tech I dont believe the guy your using knows what to do. thats all I can do for you. hope this helps, thanks Bryan
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