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front loader Ge Adora washer... the door latch ... pin that

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front loader Ge Adora washer... the door latch ... pin that tells the machine the door is close keeps breaking.. i think it's because there is play in the door.. up and down play... so that if the door is too low when the door closes it snaps that little piece of crap plastic pin.. how do I tighten the hinge so there is no up and down play in the door?

I feel your pain on this one, but as far as tightening the hinge, there is no adjustment for the suspect part, #241 on the diagram which is the hinge. If you try to bend or otherwise adjust the knurled hinge pin monts, they will probably break and the hinge itself is 70-90 dollars from most online suppliers and $126.99 from Sears!!!!! A SMALL amount of play is expected with this kind of (crappy) design and any adjustment could cause the door catch not to line up properly, then IT will break. If you have an EXCESSIVE amount of play in the hinge which you believe is causing this, then you may want to check the mounting screws for the hinge to make sure they are not loose (pretty unlikely though) and this is easy for the part that mounts to the front bulkhead but to check door mounted part, you would have to take the door apart just to check. The only way to keep the cheaply made (but not cheaply replaced) door switch pin from breaking if the hinge is ok is to always close the door as GENTLY as you can and let everyone in the house know to do the same. If GE were to fix the problem on their end, as you can see they would have to redesign the front bulkhead to allow a larger diameter pin AND make the door lock/switch assembly out of a more durable plastic with a larger diameter switch pin. Good luck with that though. This actually happens on SOME Whirlpool - made products as well, and even though Whirlpool is my favorite manufacturer, this is a VERY annoying problem.I personnaly owned a similar machine at one time and when that happened, I installed a very small toggle switch in the bulkhead and wired it into the door lock assembly to bypass the cheap switch, and just flipped it one way when the door was open and the other when closed. I am an apliance tech and I was just too cheap to get the required part (Im pathetic, I know) and I DO NOT reccomend this option to you, and it's NOT an acceptable option on several levels, but as I said , I feel your pain. Let me know if you need further information on this.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I like your idea for the toggle... I know you cannot say I should do this.. but I took the old door latch assembly apart... and I have the little button in my hand with the plug like connections.. I'm guessing I can just extend those wires where it plugs in and run the switch to the topside of the machine and hold that button down with a clothes pin or something.. correct?
UHHH...Foot in mouth yeah ....Laughing
That sounds about right. Be VERY careful with an option like that and ONLY do it if you are SURE you know exactly what you are doing. I actually made mine safe by doing the surgery on the front bulkhead, drilling the hole for a toggle , grounding the new toggle switch chasis and using shrink tubing to ensure there was no chance of a short and if there was, grounding safety was ensured. Like I said before, this is NOT an acceptable repair and I personally would NEVER do this on a customer's machine, but I did do it on my personal machine and Im the only one who ever used it. The circuit MUST be closed whenever the door is closed and must be OPEN whenever the door is open.
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