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The Home Smithy
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Whirlpool Super Capacity 465. Very frustrating! We rent this

Customer Question

Whirlpool Super Capacity 465. Very frustrating! We rent this house and have no manual for it. Apparently, there is a known issue of the circuit board that runs the oven getting overheated and acting crazy. Thanksgiving last year, it started cooking everything really fast at a really high temperature out of nowhere. Tonite, we were baking a pizza and the door locked and wouldn't open. Is there any way to make this thing behave? I'm afraid to ask the landlord to get us a new oven. He's really cheap and likes to buy used appliances. I think we might end up worse off if we try to get him to buy something else! :(

Also, how much is your service? It doesn't look like you're part of Whirlpool.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  The Home Smithy replied 7 years ago.


You are correct. We are not part of Whirlpool. We do have experts here that work on, maintain, and are trained on Whirlpool machines. All have been verified by a third party verification service as having the experience and/or knowlege in the catagory(s) they answer in.

In my case that is at least 2 years work experience in appliance repair and diagnostics, as well as in general home improvement. Please click on the check mark next to my picture to view the details of my verification.

The fee is the amount you offered to have your question answered. In your case that would be $14.00. Nothing more, nothing less. Unless you would care to add a bonus (same thing as a tip for doing a good job helping you solve the problem) to the expert that answers your question.

To answer your question;

The problem with these units is the self cleaning feature of the unit itself.

The control cards and /or lock motor of the unit is damaged by the high heat generated during the self clean cycle. Basicly the unit is overheated to about 8-900 degrees to burn the spilled grease and other food to an ash. This is then easily wiped off.

In most cases it is the control card (EOC - Electric Oven Control) that is damaged. The EOC is nothing more than a small computer that controls all of the units electrical functions. Running ther self clean function is about the same as unplugging the CPU fan for the computer system that you are reading this on. I am sure you know the end result if you did that. The same happens each time you use the self clean fuunction of your oven. The door locking is one of the most common indicators of this problem.

If you would please post the model number of your unit I will see if I have a service manual, or tech sheet for it.

This will provide the diagnostic testing proceedures for your unit.

As for asking your landlord for a new unit, I dont think it will be necessary. These units work just fine so long as you dont use the self clean function.

You may need a new EOC. These can be quite expensive. You might talk him into getting you a new unit depending on the cost of the EOC.

Please advise model number and I will check for manual, tech sheet, and parts availability, and price.

Best, THS

Edited by The Home Smithy on 10/29/2009 at 9:59 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Sorry about that! I was busy working on planning a retirement party for some co-workers and totally forgot to check my answer. We did some research on this issue before when the oven freaked out during Thanksgiving and saw postings to the effect that the oven temperature would overheat the circuit board and cause the oven to act crazy. The interesting thing is that the day we bought a toaster oven, the regular oven started working again like it got jealous! We didn't have too many problems after that until now. I did use the self cleaning option around mid-September 2009, but that was the last time it was used. If the problem just showed up last week, is it from that last self-cleaning or do you think the EOC is permanently damaged? Also, why did the oven suddenly start cooking at a higher temperature when were making the Thanksgiving turkey last year?


The oven is a Whirlpool Super Capacity 465. That's all the information that I see on the unit itself. If you need more info or numbers, email me back with details on where to look. If you can check for check for manual, tech sheet, and parts availability, and price, I would be most appreciative! I am also wondering why they created an oven with a circuit board in the first place? What's wrong with just turning the dial!?



Expert:  The Home Smithy replied 7 years ago.

look behind the oven door, and broiler on the chassis. It should be there.

Why the unit dwcided to start acting up now is anyones guess. The saelf clean may be the culpret. Again I cant say for certain. I do know that useing the self clean is like pulling the plug on your computers CPU fan. The CPU might still work but would you trust it to not glitch and keep your important files safe from harm three weeks from now?

In order to look up the tech and parts information I need the model numbers for sure,

Best, THS