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How hard is it to fix an asko front load washer. Just got

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How hard is it to fix an asko front load washer. Just got estimate to fix, pump, motor and maybe rear seal......5-6 hundred?
Hello! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to help you today!
The answer to one part of your question, is it worth it, is really just an opinion, and my opinion is NO I would not reccomend investing that kind of money on this machine because it is nearly half the cost of a BRAND NEW comparable unit. I personnaly would only invest this kind of money if i REALLY loved this machine and I dont love Askos at all, so I would not be able to justify that kind of expense. As far as the price, IF all of those parts in FACT DID need to be replaced, the price sounds about right for a professional outfit to charge for parts and labor. The answer to the second part of your question, can I do the pump and motor myself, is YES, if you have basic mechanical inclination and tools, that is pretty easy to do. A tub seal is more involved and I would not reccomend that job to a layman, but I don't know what level of repair you feel comfortable with tackling.
Now, MY question to you is, why do you need ALL of those parts? It is VERY unlikely that you would need to replace all of those unless maybe you had a flood CAUSED by a VERY leaky rear seal (would have to be VERY bad leak!!) which maybe submerged the motor and pump and destroyed them BOTH! This is an unlikely scenario but I never assume anything since I am not there with you, but if you got an estimate which included the need to replace the motor, the pump and the rear tub seal, I would be asking "why do I need all of those parts?" Please let me know if you need any further information on any of this.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He told me the pump was bad because it was not pumping out water anymore. He said the motor is making noise because the bearings are going bad. He told me that the rear seal may or may not be bad, but since I had not run the machine for 4 years, it would probably go bad and then hurt the motor with water over time. The machine was a good beast when we used it....I have seen whirlpools that are around 6 hundred new. Just thought the asko was supposed to be the cat's meow! Any other feedback is great and I am goind to accept and appreciate your feedback.
I admit , as a tech I am pretty biased in favor of Whirlpools myself and I always have been, so I think in that respect you are heading in the right direction. Asko is not necessarily a BAD machine in my book, although parts can sometimes be a challenge to obtain but i have worked on them. If you HAVE to get a 24", then Whirlpool/Maytag is what i would reccomend, although some of the Whirlpool 24" , at least the older ones, were made by Eurotech and they were COMPLETE junk IMHO . Im not sure about the NEWEST Whirlpool/Maytag 24" models as far as who TRULY makes them because so far i have not seen any '08 or '09 24" models from them in the field for reasons other than clogged pumps and customer instructs. I see alot more Bosches and Lgs in my area in the 24" arena and they seem to hold up fairly well. On that note, I really like the Lgs so far but they are not perfect either. Choose a machine that has the features you like within your price range, then DO YOUR HOMEWORK using CONSUMER fed information, not the commercial reviews like consumer reports etc. They have really gone downhill in their reliability of reviews, once again just MY opinion. I would also be questioning the techs assesment of your problems with the Asko, to find out WHY that pump is no longer pumping and just HOW LIKELY he feels the rear seal will "go out" because alot of companies just come in and condemn machines they know relatively little about so they dont open the proverbial "can-of-worms" and can still collect the service charge or sell you a new machine in some cases.
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