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I have the 417 washer. It recently started to leak from under

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I have the 417 washer. It recently started to leak from under the front bottom. I checked the fill connections , no leak there. doesn't leak from the door. Where else might leak be coming from?
Please give me the rest of the model number AFTER the 417. 417 just tells me this is a Kenmore washing machine made by Frigidaire.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Manual states numbers are inside of door opening but not there.Have located tech sheets though.
I hate it when that happens! Yell
Ok, we will have to do this the hard way. Is this a front loader or top loader, and aproximately how old is it?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Front loader 8 or 9 years old. Have since pulled the front service plate.Water is coming from between the two grey plastic drum cover halves at the bottom. I tightened the lower 3/8 bolts holding it together am running it through a cycle now. Dry so far but haven't reached spin cycle yet.
You are awesome! This kind of leak is very common on this machine and is caused by gradual loosening of the 3/8" screws between the two halves. And, as you likely already know, this is easiest to detect during a spin WITH a load, because the centrifugal force of the water being forced out of the clothes in high spin will force the water through the gap in that tub gasket. Many techs misdiagnose this because they check with NO load and will NOT see the leak , but its sounds like you have pretty much solved your own problem. The repair is what you have already done, carefully tightening all the 3/8" screws around the radius. Makes me feel like a third wheel here Cry. Please let me know if you need more info!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Still not sure if the leak is stopped until it hits the high spin.Could only reach the lower third of the bolts. Would the upper 2/3'sof the non tightened bolts need to be tightened ?,if so how would I do this?
Yes, they need to be tightened as well. Do this by removing the top cover of the machine and I usually use a 1/4" extension with a 3/8" socket and a wobble socket so I can get them all, because the ones near the sides are usually the hardest to get at from either the top OR bottom, but a little patience and those tools usually allows me to get at all of them.Believe me, if you found loose ones on the bottom, you will find them around the entire radius. Just dont OVER tighten them because youll strip the plastic tub. If you get most of them , but miss just a couple, you should be just fine, but testing after you tighten will be the best indicator of your success. TRY to get them all.
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